BUC is a consulting company that wants to help companies getting out from downturn through internationalization.


Nowadays international business is the only opportunity that companies have in order to get out from downturn.
Globalization brought to markets’ evolution that is more difficult to deal with by italian small and medium enterprises. Italian economic system has been continously weaken by the lack of internal suitable structures and by the insufficient know-how about global business. The current downturn of economic system expect a real reorganization of it. Markets before 2008 are irrimediable changed. Until a few years ago, capital market, their aggressiveness, a real economy untied to finance were imponderable.
Before entring into force of Euro in 2002, none finance system could think an attack to a National debt.
Nowadays capital concentrations worldwide prevailed on Governements‘ economic orientations?  Europe has its own policy? Single Governements’ egoism may cause a downturn of economic system? Economic growth and Keynes’ theory are still ecomomy’s basis?
BUC doesn’t have the answers, but wants to be an efficient help for SMEs: real economy’s development, agriculture, manifacturing and services are Nations’ safety. BUC wants to be a consulting company for internationalization offering to SMEs “Export office in outsourcing”. Our belief is that problems’ solution is conveyed by people through ideas. BUC wants to support youth and to create job opportunities for future generations. 

BUC: ideas and people for companies’development in the international market

Our company’s organization is very simple and it improves young business consultants that support businessman, conveying to him know-how and substaining him in the creation of a new management system in a globalized viewpoint. Early on will be pick over a group of consultants evaluated according to their  educational qualification, competences and work experience. Those professionals will support all the companies that will require BUC’s services. From time to time, BUC will draw up agreements with foreign and italian partners, in order to allow a satisfying support within variable costs.

BUC: support for the development of Business Units within companies

Do you want to work with BUC? BUC Franchising system proposes itself as consultants’ consultant.
All over italian territory will be selected young consultants, giving so a job opportunity to those that today more need it.

BUC : develops ideas and know how for youth and for the future

Our reference market is composed of SMEs (small and medium enterprises) that belong to agricultural, manifacturing, commercial and services’s sectors. Consulting activity is continous for the SME that wants to attack foreign markets. In this sector competition is very great, but BUC will avail itself of skilled consultants and will ground its strenght on know-how’s transfer to the customer company, in order to give it autonomy and capacity of working with low management costs. Our chinese representative (the office is based in Hong Kong) is Business Units Center Limited, a company born on the purpose of developing the relationship between BUC Italy and South-East Asia’s companies and stakeholders.

BUC: a glocal organization, linked to the territories with an international development

Our logo’s meaning is simple: italian flag symbolizes our companies and “Made in Italy”; twin upwards arrows represent the capacity of developing and of expanding in new markets. The arrows are twin because BUC’s services are always dual (for example Import-Export service).

BUC -  Business Units center: BUC’s brand in Italy and in the world
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